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Floyd Mayweather is one of the best defensive fighters of his generation. He is able to avoid, block and defend most of his oppositions attacks and frustrates his opponents as they are not able to hit him. Mayweather may not be an exciting fighter to watch but he gets the job done and is a skillful boxer.

Floyd is a very accomplished boxer being a 5 division world champion, being undefeated at 49 fights and winning tons of medals. He truly works hard to keep at the top of his game.

He may have his critics saying he is too arrogant, excessively displays his money even when he doesn’t have to and has no respect for women but nobody can deny his work ethic. He does train extremely hard. He’s pretty fast as well.

Depending on whether Mayweather has an upcoming fight coming up or not he will adjust his training. Mayweather has a lot of stamina but he worked hard to get his stamina to where it is now.But usually it goes something like this:

Floyd Mayweather Training Routine

Run: You probably already know the many benefits of running; improved stamina & endurance, great cardio work out, etc, etc. Mayweather usually jogs 3-5 miles a day.

Shadow boxing: Shadow boxing is great for warming up the muscles before your training session starts properly. He can do shadow boxing for upto 15 minutes practicing his form, movement and technique.

He also does weighted shadow boxing by holding a light dumbbell in each hand. Sounds intense right? Try doing this for 4 rounds like he does.

Sparring: Sparring is an exercise that is vital in any boxers routine. Tons of boxers use sparring because it reenacts actual fights. Mayweather does about 10 – 12 rounds in one session. One round usually lasts for around 3 minutes.

Sparring helps Mayweather practice combinations, techniques and tactics while also brushing u on his boxing skills and stamina.

Heavy bag: On the heavy bag he practices combos and power punches. He also practices his punching speed by unleashing bursts of punches at once. Depending on what he wants to train on he will hit different punches and do different routines on the bag

Floor work: Having a strong core is very important if you want to become a great boxer. Having a strong core helps prevent injuries and strengthens the back and pelvis muscles. Mayweather does plenty of abs exercises such as the ab roller, situps and crunches.

Pad work: Increases speed, coordination and timing. Floyd usually does a throws a variety of combos while practicing his slipping and blocking techniques as well.

Bodysuit work: He will have someone where the body suit and start punching the suit with body shots. Body shots can throw the opponent off balance and knock the wind out of them.

Speed bag: Speed bag work is great because it improves endurance and speed. Not only that but it develops a rhythm for you and helps with hand eye coordination.

Neck work with weights: A strong neck is key for durability and injury prevention from repeated strikes to the head. Floyd will use a neck harness with a light weight and lift the weight.

200 sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, jump rope, double-end bag: A circuit routine like this helps boost muscular endurance and strength throughout the entire body.

He will do a mix of these and do a few rounds of each. If you want to try something like this yourself, do each exercise above for three rounds, with each round consisting of 3 minutes.

If you are a beginner do two rounds of each exercise with each round consisting of 1 and a half minutes.

Diet Plan

Nutrition is a very important and Mayweather knows that. He knows that no matter how much exercise he does if he eats junk and foods that aren’t good for him, all that exercise is wasted because he would just reverse the effect of the exercise by eating junk.

Floyd Mayweather hires a personal chef to cook for him and she charges $1,000 a plate. Quiana Jeffries aka Chef Q is a highly skilled chef who cooks everything for him from scratch with organic food.

He is a pretty demanding client but at $1,000 a plate who wouldn’t be. Chef Q is available for him 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whatever he wants to eat she will cook it up for him, whether it is 3 in the morning or 11 at night.

The ‘Money’ man doesn’t really have a set plan on what he eat or he doesn’t really have a set structure on what to eat on specific days. He just eats whenever. He is pretty spontaneous when it comes to eating.  But he does have the benefit of having a professional personal chef on his beck and call.

But for those of us that can’t afford a to pay a personal chef $1,000 a plate, we can still eat like a champion.

Eat foods that are high in protein. Eat a mix of protein and carbohydrates while also including fiber from fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Proteins can include chicken, fish and meat while carbohydrates can include rice, pasta or potatoes.

Mayweather does have the very best support around him to help him but you can still do the same with a good routine in place. Mayweather started from somewhere as well. You have to as well. Just start.