“You don’t have to be in a boxing ring to be a great fighter.” – Muhammad Ali

To be a fighter, you don’t have to fight in a ring or cage. When you Fight for Something, it means to struggle or work hard to achieve or defend a particular goal, belief, or value. You are willing to put in effort and potentially face challenges or obstacles in order to achieve or preserve it.

Ultimately, “fighting for something” is about having a strong sense of purpose and determination to pursue what one believes is right or important, even in the face of adversity or opposition. It requires a willingness to take risks, make sacrifices, and persevere through challenges in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Whether fighting to get better everyday or fighting for what’s important for you. We are all fighting for something.

We are based in the United Kingdom with a mission to create premium quality apparel and equipment to represent boxing as it should be. Not only that but we believe a big part of boxing is giving back.

That is why we have teamed up with the charity Human Appeal. Human Appeal help and aid underprivileged countries and those undergoing crisis. A percentage off all proceeds are donated to this charity.

Our products are designed to look beautiful and to perform just as good as they look. We have a scrupulous and meticulous eye to detail while also offering the customer service to match.

Whether you get boxing gloves, apparel or anything else – With the Fortis logo you can be sure that it will be superior quality. The Fortis logo is a mark of quality.

As a team we have a huge passion for boxing and make sure each product undergoes a painstaking design and engineering process, so you can get the best product.

What does Fortis mean?

Fortis comes from the Latin word which means strong, brave and powerful. We think the lion represents and shares the same characteristics, the lion personifies Fortis. Every fighter has the same attributes and we are proud to represent the true fighters!

Fight for Something.