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Have you got your new pair of Fortis Elite boxing gloves but you don’t no how to take care of them. You will want to look after them and protect them.

Your leather boxing gloves are an essential part of your boxing gear and it is vital to take care of them and maintain them. After constant use your boxing gloves will start to develop a foul odour and bacteria will start to harvest in their unless you clean them.

They are leather boxing gloves so they are reasonably easy to take care of but still it’s very important to protect them.

In this article we are going to tell you how you can look after your Fortis Elite leather boxing gloves.

How to clean your boxing gloves

Once you have trained with them, you will probably notice that they are sweaty and they might be slightly dirty.

After each training session you should use a damp cloth wipe the outer surface of the gloves. Wipe of any dry residue, dirt or anything else you might notice. This helps to keep the gloves clean and makes sure they are in tip top condition.

It’s a good idea to wear hand wraps when you put on boxing gloves as they will absorb any sweat and help protect your hands more as well.

If you want to keep them in great condition every month you should use a leather conditioner. A good leather conditioner we recommend Trinova Leather conditioner and Restorer or Dubbin.

1. This not only protects them and takes care of the gloves but it also strengthens the leather. Just add a little amount on a cloth or old t-shirt and rub it all on the outer surface of the boxing gloves. This removes sweat and any dirt or dust that has built up on the boxing gloves. It also strips any older oils that the leather lets off and replaces it with newer oils.

2. Let it the leather conditioner soak in for about 5 minutes.

3. Once you’ve done this get a clean dry cloth or old t-shirt and wipe the conditioner off. You can just do it in circular motions. Make sure you get all of the conditioner off glove so it is no longer slippery or slick.

4. Leave them out to dry for the day and they should be good to go. You should do this with both gloves.

Once you have cleaned them you can store them in the packaging bag that the Fortis boxing gloves come with as this will protect them from any dirt or dust.

Remember to wipe them clean with a dry or damp cloth every training session to keep them clean but never put them in the washing machine or use soap and water on them.

How to get rid of the smell

After a few training sessions of you wearing the gloves and you sweating buckets in them, you’ll notice that your gloves stink! They’ll probably smell like an animal has died in them!

Not to worry though. It’s relatively easy to get rid of that foul odour.

We recommend stuffing the gloves with cedar chips as they neutralize the bad odour and get rid of it. But if cedar chips are something that you can’t get hold of then a better option is to use the Glove Deodorizer by No Stink.

The glove deodorizer is cheap to buy and is all natural. It gets rid of any smell that your boxing gloves might have using a combination of charcoal and bamboo.

This removes any moisture from your gloves and removes any bacteria that might be in your boxing gloves.

With the Glove Deodorizer after your training session all you have to do is put in inside the boxing glove and it’ll get rid of the smell.

A few things you should note on what not to do. Do not put your gloves out in direct sunlight because that will just harden the leather and make it crack. Another thing that you do not want to do is blow dry it as this will do the same thing and make it crack as well.

Taking care of your boxing gloves is important and will help you to prolong the life of your leather boxing gloves. You will have to look after them but once you do it will help make the gloves last longer.