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Everybody is already writing off Conor Mcgregor. Oscar De La Hoya thinks it will be an insult to boxing and Mayweather will win easily. Mike Tyson thinks Mayweather will make Mcgregor look ridiculous boxing. Even casual boxing fans are going on about how Floyd Mayweather will run rings around Conor Mcgregor.

The super fight takes place on August 26 2017 in Nevada, USA. It may be Mcgregor’s first professional boxing match but this doesn’t mean he hasn’t boxed before. In fact as a youth he first started with boxing and spent many years practicing it before moving onto MMA.  He’s not as inexperienced in boxing as many think.

This isn’t the first time boxing and MMA fighters have clashed. Back in 1976 the legendary Muhammad Ali who was then the heavyweight champion had a fight against professional Japanese wrestler Antonio Anoki. In the same event professional wrestler Andre the Giant had a fight against boxer Chuck Wepner. The former ended in a draw while the latter ended with Andre the Giant winning.

More recently boxer Ray Mercer knocked out former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia with one punch when they faught in 2009. A year later in 2010 another clash occurred between a boxer and MMA fighter. This time it was between UFC former heavyweight/light heavyweight champion Randy Couture and former world heavyweight champion James Toney.

Mayweather is a lot more experienced than Mcgregor in boxing and because they are going to be fighting according to boxing rules a lot of people think it’s going to be a walk over for Mayweather. Even bookies have Mayweather as the favorite to win.

But we think Mcgregor will knockout Mayweather when they have their boxing bout. Here’s why:


Because of Conor Mcgregor’s experience in UFC and MMA he is a lot more versatile than Floyd Mayweather is. He can switch styles and adapt to Mayweather’s style. He has proven this time and time again in the UFC. Conor utilizes a variety of different fighting styles including boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate.

Height & Weight

Naturally Conor Mcgregor is taller than Floyd Mayweather by an inch. Mcgregor is 5″9 and Mayweather at 5″8. He also has a natural heavier weight than Mayweather. Mcgregor has fighted at 170 pounds and above. They are both going to be fighting at 154 pounds but Mcgregor is known to weigh more after the weigh in, mostly due to hydration and eating more after the weigh in.

As well as being both heavier and taller than Mayweather, Mcgregor has a two inch longer reach. It may only be two inches but that extra reach can make a whole lot of difference.

Higher Knockout Ratio

Out of the 24 fights that Conor has had in the UFC he has won 21 of them. Of those 21 fights he has won 18 of them he been via knockout. This is a 86% knockout ratio, which is very good indeed.

On the other hand for Floyd he has had 49 fights and out of those 49 he has won all of his fights. This is impressive in itself. Very few boxers and fighters have had a unbeaten record. However he has only won 26 of those bouts by knock out. This works out to be a 53% knockout ratio.

He’s not known for his knockout prowess or his punching power but what he is known for is his defensive power. His defensive abilities is truly amazing and he is one of the best defensive powers.


Floyd Mayweather is 12 years older than Mcgregor with Floyd being 40 years old and Conor being 28. Age may not be everything as George Foreman proved that age doesn’t make a difference by winning the heavyweight title at 45 years old.

But at 28 years old, Mcgregor is in the prime of his career while at 40 years old Mayweather has long gone past his prime.

Plus his last fight was nearly two years ago against Andre Berto in September 2015 after which he announced his retirement. While his Irish opponents last match was in November 2016. Now Mayweather says he isn’t rusty and still trains regularly but only time will tell.

Who do you think will win? Boxing or MMA? Mayweather or Mcgregor?