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Increasing your punching power can help you knockout your opponent are give him some harm. If you increase your punching power and punch your opponent, your opponent will definitely feel it and well definitely remember you for years to come

There are some proven ways you can actually improve and increase your punching power. In this article we are going to tell you how you can increase your punching power so you can use it to your own good.

First thing you need to know is having big muscles have nothing to do with punching hard. That is why the biggest steroid head in your gym will likely not able to throw a strong punch.


The first thing you should know when trying to increase your punching power is you need to throw your punches with the correct technique. When punching make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Many boxers when throwing their big punches tend to lift their feet. However your power actually comes from your legs so plant your feet on the ground while punching.

You should also bend your knees when punching. When you throw those power punches while bending your knees slightly your punches have so much more power to them. If you notice professional boxers while they are punching, you will see they bend their knees slightly as well when throwing their punches.

When you throw your punches you should follow through with your punches instead of just punching at your opponent.


Exercise and conditioning is another important part of increasing your punching power. First start by strengthening your legs. Follow these exercises and you will be on the way to increasing your punching power


It is recommended to the weighted squats but you can also do normal squats without weights. Squats are one of the the best exercises to do, not only for your legs but for your whole body; especially weighted squats.

They are also dead simple to do.

Normal Squats (without weight)

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  2. Slowly bend your knees and hips as if you are trying to sit down on a chair
  3. Once your legs are bent at 90 degrees lift your self back up and straighten your legs

Weighted Squats

We could give instructions on how to do weighted squats but we feel a video will make it much better and easier to follow than any text we can write. Here is an excellent video by on how to do the squat correctly. It is very important you keep your form correct as you can injure yourself if you don’t.

Not only does it improve your leg strength and power but it also builds muscle.





Practice Punching (on a heavy bag or a wall)

Channel your inner Rocky Balboa and start punching the heavy bag. Practise different combinations and remember punch through the bag and not at the bag to strengthen your punches and increase your power. Punching a heavy bag not only increases your punching power but it also increases your speed, improves your technique and is a great overall workout for shredding those unwanted pounds.

If you don’t have access to a heavy bag you can improvise and make something to punch out of every day things at home. Here is a great video on how you can make a punching bag with things you can get very cheap.



However if you don’t want to do that than you can always use a wall. Start punching your wall and your punching power will increase. We’re not saying punch the wall full power because unless you want to have a broken hand and go to the hospital, it’s not a good idea. The wall usually wins in the end. Unless your name is Iko Uwais.



We would not recommend punching the wall like the video above but you can punch the wall slowly to strengthen your fists and increase punching power. Prisoners actually do this when in prison to actually strengthen their fists as well.

Tricep Push Ups

Many people are under the misconception that your biceps help with punching hard but they couldn’t be more wrong. It actually is your triceps that increase your punching power. Workout your triceps and your punches will get stronger. A good exercise you can do is tricep push ups.

  1. Go into normal press up position with your hands on the ground but have your arms shaped into a heart/diamond shape.
  2. Bend your arms and try to get your chest to touch your hands
  3. Make sure you keep your elbows in.




When you are throwing a punch get your weight and body mass behind your punch and use that to your advantage. It’s what a lot of boxers do to get the knockout. That is why some of the bigger heavyweight boxers can knockout their opponents so easily, because they throw their punches with their body mass.

As long as you keep practising, have your technique right, do the right exercises, don’t overextend with punching and get your weight behind your punches your punches will have the venum and knockout power that you want it to have.

There’s not much more to it, so what are you waiting for. Start training!