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There are always new boxers coming up the ranks. Boxers that are hungry for success and want more. The champions of yesterday need to make room for the future champions.

The boxers we have chosen are over all the weight divisions. We list the top 5 up and coming boxers and top prospects to watch out for in 2017.

Diego De La Hoya (@DiegoDeLaHoya)

Signed by Oscar De La Hoya’s Goldenboy Promotions and is also Oscar De La Hoya’s cousin. Diego is very promising talent, at only 22 years old.  In the Super Bantamweight division he is undefeated having won all of his 18 fights with 9 coming as knockout.

Not only has he represented Mexico but with over 250 amateur fights under his belt he has the experience as well.

Diego is a quick boxer and has some fast hands. Just take a look at him in action.



Definitely one to look out for and we definitely see De La Hoya challenging for a world title and probably evening winning the title.

Callum Smith (@CallumSmith23)

He’s a bit older than Diego De La Hoya at 27 years old but still a top prospect and one to look out for. Callum is a British boxer coming from Liverpool. Not only has this super middleweight held world titles he is also due to fight for the vacant WBC title. Smith is the oldest boxer on this list.

Smith is also undefeated having won all of his 22 fights and winning 17 by knockout.

He has some precise and powerful punches and can do some damage to his opponents with his punches. We see Callum going a long way and winning more world titles along the way.

David Benavidez (@DavidBenavidez1)

David Benavidez is another top prospect to lookout for in the future. Benavidez is signed up to Sampson Boxing founded by renowned boxing promoter Sampson Lewkowicz.  Heis a big prospect for the future, having won all of his 18 fights with 17 coming in the form of knockouts.



Benavidez fights in the super middleweight division. It’s no doubt that he is going to go far in his career as a boxer. Benavidez is  hard hitting fighter that puts together great combinations.

Still only young at 20 years old, only time will tell how far this young American boxer will go but we believe he will go very far and is definitely one to watch for the future.

Hughie Fury (@HughieFury)

At 6’6′ Hughie Fury is a talented boxer and fights in the heavyweight division. Only 22 years old and cousin of fellow boxer Tyson Fury they are both a force to be reckoned with. He won the gold medal at the 2012 Youth World Championships in the Super Heavyweight division.

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Isaac Dogboe (@IsaacDogboe)

Last but not least is Isaac Dogboe. Originating from Ghana, Isaac is another boxer that is set to become a great future prospect. At 22 years of age and having won all of his 16 fights so far with 10 coming in way of knockout.

Isaac Dogboe is a explosive fighter with skill, speed and flair. He is another fighter who is going to go a long way. Having fought for Ghana in the 2012 Olympics and fights in the Bantamweight division.

Any boxer that you think should have made this list? Let us know in the comments.