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Throwing a basic punch is something that everyone should know how to do, right? You would be surprised at how many people still don’t know how to.

As you’ll see in this article, there are tons of people who don’t know how to punch properly. You might have different reactions upon seeing them; it might be shock, surprise or even bemusement but you will definitely find them funny.

We can’t really take credit for any of these clips and all credit must go to the respective owners. Without further ado here’s some punching fails!

Punching Road Signs

Why would someone want to punch a sign? Is the guy on something?

Just some of the questions that might be going through your head when buy cheap klonopin online you watch this clip. However he doesn’t seem to care still tries to punch the sign.

But the sign isn’t no pushover and instantly retaliates by pivoting and smacking him back. Major punching fail!

Lesson learned, don’t try punching a sign. Sign – 1, guy who gets hit by sign – 0.



Punching Fail

Have a look at this next clip. Rocky and Mickey try having a going on the punching bag machine and setting a high score.

The only problem is they can’t punch. First Rocky tries a couple of times and then Mickey tries showing him but they both fail. The results are hilarious.



Punching Bag Fail

Here’s the next Conor Mcgregor hitting the bag. He hits the bag with some punches and kicks but it’s pretty funny to see what happens next.

To be honest it’s not really the right place to hang up a punching bag, near a computer.



Ip Man Punching Fail

This one has Ip Man practicing his wing chun. He uses his power and speed to deliver an unforgettable blow to the punching bag.

This one is slightly different to the rest of the videos in terms of its not actually his punching that fails but more the punching bag.

Speed Ball Fail

We wanted to save the best till last and this one is absolutely hilarious! It starts with the big man trying to talk down to the bag and how he’s going to knock the speed ball’s lights out.

The end results are too funny. Just watch the clip.

That’s a wrap from us. If you happen to have an actual fight, don’t take cues from these guys on how to throw a punch because it won’t be very effective. Remember to share this article.

Which one’s did you find the most funny?