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When boxing your hands are your weapons. You use your hands your most. You use them to defend, counter punch and attack your opponent.

But because you use your hands so much when boxing it is easier to injure them. Plus your hands are pretty fragile as well. Believe it or not boxing actually accounts for over 30% of hand and wrist injuries. It’s not good having your hands or wrists injured. It hurts and it means you won’t be able to box or an indefinite period.

And you probably don’t want that. It’s a good thing you found this article then. In this article we have come up with different ways you can avoid wrist injury when boxing.

Wrist Exercises

If you want to avoid wrist injuries then you should work on strengthening your wrists. There are various exercises you can do to strengthen your wrists and avoid wrist injuries.

  • Wrist Curls – Wrist curls are basically bicep curls but for your wrists. Grab a light weight (about 2.5kg or 5kg) and while holding the weight in your hand curl your wrist up and down using only your forearm while keeping your arm still. This exercise isolates your wrist and develops and strengthens the wrist so you can avoid wrist injury. Do about 10-15 reps for about 2 or 3 sets. Repeat for both arms.

  • Pull ups/Chin ups – Not only do pull ups/chin ups work your back, shoulders and arms but they also strengthen those all important wrists. Pull ups look easy to do but they are harder than they look. To start grab a bar that is over your head and pull yourself up and then back down. Try to get your head past the bar. If you don’t have access to a pull up bar, you can find one of those door pull up bars on Amazon to fit on your door frame at home.
  • Hand Grip Strengthener – These are available from Amazon for pretty cheap (you can probably find them elsewhere even cheaper) and strengthen your wrists, forearms and grip.  So using these not only will you benefit from stronger wrists but also stronger forearms and grip strength.

    They are easy to use, are fairly straightforward and the resistance is adjustable for some hand grip strengtheners. Just hold them in your hand from the handles and squeeze them as hard as you can. Do it each hand for about 10 reps for around 3 sets.

    After doing this daily for a couple of weeks, you should start noticing strength in your wrist and forearms, as well as grip strength.

    Hand Wraps

    Hand wraps are a go to to keep your hands and wrist protected. They act as another layer to protect your wrist and hands. You should always wrap up your hands in hand wraps before training.

    If you have never worn hand wraps on your hands then it may be a challenge for you putting them on. But its not really hard once you get used to it, frankly speaking.

    There are plenty of tutorials online and on YouTube on how the right way to wrap on hand wraps.



    Hand wraps not only protect your hands and wrists but also help absorb some of the sweat and moisture from hands. If you take boxing seriously, you should always wear hand wraps before training.

    For the best hand wraps you’ll want to invest in a pair of Fortis Predator hand wraps. They offer durable and are 5 meters in length so you know your hands and wrist will be protected.

    Fortis Renegade Boxing Gloves

    Use our new boxing gloves. We have only used the finest materials when carefully crafting them. Your hands deserve the best after all. Fortis Renegade boxing gloves feature dual wrist straps to protect your wrists even more and avoid wrist injury.

    In our tests, even people with wrist injuries said they felt less pain when using the Fortis Renegade boxing gloves. We did countless hours of research to find design a boxing glove that would feel superb to wear but at the same time would make your hands and wrists feel even more supportive and secure. And we think we achieved that with these boxing gloves.

    Your hands are very important. And they should be we use our hands for a lot of things. So you don’t just want to wear any old gloves. You want to put your trust in the Fortis Renegade boxing gloves.

    Because of the double wrist straps, our gloves help keep you hands and wrists secure. If you experience wrist pain or you want to protect your wrists then we highly recommend you get a pair of the Fortis Renegade boxing gloves.

    Your hands are one of the most important assets when it comes to boxing and life. Make sure you keep them well protected and take best measures to prevent any injury. Otherwise if you don’t you’re going to be in quite a bit of pain.

    Another thing you may want to take into consideration is to punch with correct form and technique. If you punch wrong and with the incorrect form that is probably the quickest way to snap something. It is vital that you punch correctly because otherwise further down the line, it could prove you costly.

    If you’re in doubt to whether you are punching correctly or not the best way to fix it is to join your local boxing gym. The coaches there will tell you how to punch correctly and how to fix anything you’re doing wrong. If you don’t have a gym local to you then you can always look at boxing tutorials online.

    As well as that its good to stretch your wrists because they improve your flexibility in your wrists and also help prevent any painful injuries or conditions from occurring. Its good to stretch your wrists at least a couple of times a week. Wrist stretches are normally easy to do and don’t require much time. You can do them in about 15 minutes. Some good stretches we found were on this website.

    We hope these tips helped you out and you found them useful. If you did, why not share this article with a friend and help them out too.