What Equipment Do You Need For Boxing Training?

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Boxing is a sport in which the best training is old school. You don’t need fancy treadmills or expensive home gyms for boxing training, all you need is the will to succeed and some basic equipment.

Boxers over the years have been training with mostly basic equipment such as a heavy bag or skipping. It’s not hard to see why it is so effective. It helps you to correct the technique properly, improve your power, increase stamina and much more.

A boxing gym is the best place to go if you want to get started in boxing as they have the essential equipment you need and they can also give you the correct advice and coaching. However if you don’t have access to a boxing gym or if it is too far from where you live you can still buy some equipment and train at home.

These are the top 5 boxing gear you need for boxing training.

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is the quintessential piece of equipment that every boxer needs. Not only does this work you technique but it helps with your punching power. Mike Tyson credits hitting the heavy bag everyday on developing his punching power.

If you’re looking for a heavy bag then you’ll want to get a Fortis heavy bag. It comes with a number of other things such as the bracket and chains to hang up the bag among other things.

Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in. Not only does it improve your stamina and endurance but it tones your whole body. Other benefits include improved cardio and many other benefits.

Skipping ropes are good because you can take them with you anywhere. They don’t take much space up, so you can travel with your skipping rope and train anywhere with a bit of space.

If you are after a good skipping rope then we recommend getting the Beast Gear skipping rope. It’s good value for a skipping rope, made of premium materials and great for speed roping.

Boxing Gloves

Your hands are your weapons in boxing so why not protect them. We recommend getting a pair of Fortis Elite boxing gloves. They not only protect your wrists and hands but they also make give your knuckles the support it needs with the 4 layer foam protection.

The boxing gloves are also made from 100% genuine leather so they are durable and have increased longevity. You can quickly put them on and take them off with the easy Velcro strap.

You need a set of gloves that will actually last and not just rip and finish after two training session. These boxing gloves do more than that and last a very long time.

If you’re looking for a pair of lace up gloves then you’ll want to get our Mexican made Fortis Predator boxing gloves.

Hand Wraps

A hand wrap is just a really long piece of fabric that you just wrap around your hand and wrists.  Boxing gloves are normally adequate protection for your hands but if you want to add that extra layer of protection for your hands get some hand wraps. To avoid injury we highly recommend investing in a good pair of hand wraps.

Professional boxers always wear hand wraps before a boxing match and usually do wear hand wraps during training.

They can help prevent injury to your wrists, knuckles and hands and protect your skin from getting any cuts. Some great hand wraps you can get are the Fortis Predator Hand Wraps, they are protect your hands and are super durable.

Floor to Ceiling Ball

Hitting this ball helps work on your technique and movement more so than anything. Many pro boxers use the floor to ceiling bag such as Joe Calzaghe, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali and Roy Jones Jnr.

The floor to ceiling ball, if you’re a beginner it can be a bit tricky to hit but once you actually get some experience you’ll be hitting it like a pro.


Doing this works your hand eye coordination, head movement, timing and among many other things.


A good floor to ceiling ball to get would be the Everlast floor to ceiling ball, it’s great value and provides an awesome workout.

To be honest that is all the equipment you would need for a good basic workout. You probably would need a timer as well as you would want to time the sets and rounds you do.

However if you want an additional workout you can get a speed bag.

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