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Once you have had your boxing gloves for a little while you’ll notice that the inside smells like a small animal has died. This is a common issue among boxers as they do sweat a lot while wearing the gloves. As the moisture and sweat dry up over time the boxing gloves start to develop  a odour.

This is especially the case with gloves in boxing gyms. As they might use a pair of boxing gloves for really long periods. Not only does this produce a nasty odour but it is also unhygienic.

In this article we are going to tell you how to clean boxing gloves and keep them fresh and odour free.

Keep Gloves Fresh and Odour Free

When wearing boxing gloves during training or a boxing match your hands, a plethora amount of sweat will come from your hands. The sweat when dried up starts to stink like smelly feet!

Your boxing gloves will then become a breeding ground for bacteria and you don’t want that.

The first thing you should do is wear hand wraps before wearing your boxing gloves. Not only do hand wraps make your hands more comfortable and protect your hands more. They also help your gloves and hands from stinking as well. How is this?

The hand wraps actually soak up a large amount of the sweat so your sweat doesn’t go to your boxing gloves.

Also another thing you can do is air your gloves out after a session. Once you have finished your training session leave your boxing gloves out in the sun to dry.  The sun does a good job of naturally getting your boxing gloves dry. As well that the sun also gets rid of any bacteria that your boxing gloves might have.

And another thing, don’t just leave your boxing gloves in your gym bag after a hectic training session because that’s a sure way to leave bacteria in there. Air your gloves out and take them out of the bag and leave them outside to dry somewhere.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is very effective when it comes to cleaning your boxing gloves. Baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate is a chemical which can help clean boxing gloves. Not only do they clean boxing gloves well but they also make them smell good and leave them odour free.

What you’ll need

To clean your boxing gloves using baking soda you will need a few things other than baking soda.

So what you will need to start cleaning your boxing gloves is an old pair socks, paper towels (or leather wipes), water, baking soda and obviously the main thing your boxing gloves that you want to clean.

Step 1

Clean the outside of your boxing gloves using the paper towels and water. Make sure the outside of your gloves are clean. Clean all the outside of your boxing gloves; if your gloves are made from leather use leather wipes instead of paper towels.

Step 2

Once you have done that put baking soda into both the socks and fill them up half way. Don’t overfill them.

Step 3

Put the each sock into one of the gloves and close the straps. Leave the socks in the gloves overnight.


The next day you can take the socks out of your boxing gloves. You will notice that the baking soda has absorbed all the stink and smell and left your boxing gloves odour free.

Chuck them in the Freezer

Some people don’t like baking soda because of it being a chemical however there are alternatives.

One alternative is to literally put them in the freezer.

Put your boxing gloves in one of those heavy duty Ziploc freezer bags. If you don’t have a freezer bag just put them into a plastic bag and leave them in their for 24 hours.

Once the 24 hours are over take them out of the freezer and out of the bag. Your boxing gloves will now be smelling fresh and be odour free.

Boxing Gloves Deodoriser

The last way and probably one of the easiest ways is to just buy a glove deodoriser. A glove deodoriser is a simple way to clean boxing gloves and also one of the quickest ways. Boxing gloves deodorisers are made from burnt bamboo sticks. The charcoal produced from the burnt bamboo sticks are used in the boxing glove deodorisers to keep your gloves smelling fresh and odour free.

The best boxing gloves deodorisers we found were available from Amazon called No Stink glove deodorisers . Not only do they  get rid of smells and clean boxing gloves but they are also eco-friendly and eliminate any bacteria.

They’re pretty cost effective as well and come in pairs so you have one for each one of your gloves.