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If you get the fundamental boxing punches right you will be on the way to being a great boxer. It is important to get the basic boxing punches right before you can move on to advanced punching techniques.

We’re going to be talking about the different boxing punches you can do and why they are so important.

Fundamental Boxing Punches

When you are punching always punch relaxed and punch by turning your whole body and pivoting your feet except when throwing the jab. When you release a punch exhale through your mouth and always make sure the non punching hand is defending your body.

Always exhale sharply when you throw a punch and try to maintain your balance.

The thing behind every great boxer is practice and repetition. They practice, practice and practice. The greats like Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jnr, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, they never got good overnight.

It was the countless hours that they put in to training and honing their craft. It was the countless amount of time they put in to get better and better everyday.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Even if you don’t want to become a professional boxer or professional fighter it is vital to learn the fundamental boxing punches properly as it is a matter of self defence.


The jab is the most important and probably most used punch in the boxers arsenal. Not only can you attack with the jab it can also be used to defend, counter punch and even defend. Near enough all combinations start with jabs.

You can use the jab to combine and connect with other punches like the cross, hook or uppercuts. The jab also lets you manurer yourself into more open space and is the punch that is the fastest to throw as well.

To throw a jab you should start in your normal boxing stance and guard. Once you are in your stance:

Throw your punch out straight while your fist is fully clenched.
The jab isn’t intended to be a power punch instead it is meant to be a punch to be strategic, to make space, to assess your opponent or even to defend. However it can and has been used to knockout opponents.




The cross is usually one of your strongest punches because it will usually be thrown by your strongest hand. It is done with your back hand and can be used to knockout your opponent very effectively.

The cross is a very simple but very effective punch however you still have to get the technique right and there are a lot of beginners who do not use the cross properly or use the correct technique.

To do it the right way you should:

  • Move your hips and rotate them pivot your foot. The power comes from rotating your hips.
  • Extend your fist out and throw your punch out. Don’t lean your head down when doing this.
  • Follow through with your punch however don’t overextend as this will leave you open to counter punches.
  • Keep your elbow in and try to keep your elbow in front of your belly button as you do throw your punch as your opponent will be able to see your punch coming if you flare your elbows out.
  • Exhale out and breathe when you are throw your punch and remember to go back to your guard.
  • The hand that isn’t punching keep that up near your chin so you are guarding your face. Twist and pivot your back foot slightly as that helps add more power to your punch.




You can combine the cross with other punches to create some devastating combinations. A good combination taught to beginners is the jab and cross which is known as the 1-2 combination. This is a simple but very effective punch and if executed properly can knockout your opponent instantly.


The hook is a one of those punches that can hospitalise your opposition if thrown properly and with correct technique and power. Many boxers use the hook very effectively, notably Mike Tyson who had knocked out many opponents with his left hook.

The hook punch is a precision punch and looks beautiful when connected properly. It does take a bit of skill to pull it off and you do have to practise the punch however this is another one of those punches that is a must have punch in your boxing toolbox.

Another boxer who used the left hook very effectively was ‘Smokin’ Joe Fraizer. He had a great left hook and many boxers of his generation was scared of his left hook.

Have a look on YouTube and put in some top professional boxers like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman or Roy Jones Junior and see how they box. You’ll notice that they punch with great style and you will be able to learn a ton from them just by watching them.

Like the cross you can combine the hook punch with many different punches and make some destructive combinations.

To do throw a hook punch:

  • Move your feet and pivot your feet 90 degrees and lift your left heel.
  • Rotate your body and hips along the same direction you pivot your feet.
  • As you throw your punch bend you elbow slightly while keeping your fist face down.
  • Keep your non punching hand near your chin guarding your face.




The uppercut along with the cross and hook is another deadly punch and is great for the short range. A great punch for short range and is very effective. This was another punch popularized by boxers such as George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson and Joe Louis.

  • When you throw your punch use it like a punch and don’t lean into your punch
  • Have your elbow pointing down and swing your fist upwards and breathe out.
  • Your punch lands your opponent with your knuckles facing up
  • Keep quick and on your feet as and once executed follow up with other punches and combinations.
  • When throwing the uppercut bend your legs slightly as this puts more power into your punches.

    The uppercut is a very powerful punch and fast and efficient. It is a lot better if you do it short range and really catch the opposition off their guard.

    A downside of this is you do leave one side of your body unguarded and exposed so your opposition can counter you but you have to make sure you are quick with your punch.





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