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Defense is just as important as having a good offensive in boxing. If you have a great boxing defense you can actually tire your opponent out and then once they are tired make your move and hit them. Since they will be tired after throwing so many punches, it will be so much easier to knock them out.

Just take a look at this video to see how much having a defense will make you a better boxer. The video shows some of the best defensive boxers including James Toney and Roy Jones Junior. Watch and learn.




Having a good boxing defense is imperative. If you are fighting against an opponent who is aggressive or a hard hitter then there is no question about it that you will need to defend against him/her at some point during the fight.

The most basic and probably one of the effective ways to defend is blocking. Learning how to block is the easiest way to stay in range of your opponent and not getting hurt. Blocking is also very effective because it does not take much energy to do and can some punches efficiently.

When you have learnt how to block punches you can move onto more advanced things like rolling and parrying. However blocking is one of the easiest ways to defend.

Blocking punches to the head

  • In your normal stance bring your gloves up to your face to cover your face.
  • If you want to block a punch from the right bring your left hand up to block

  • You do vice versa if you want to block the a punch coming from the left. So bring up your right hand if you want to block a punch coming from the right.

    Block punches to the body

    • Keep your elbows in and close to you so they protect your body

    • Lower the right elbow to block left handed punches and lower the left elbow to block right handed punches

    When it comes to blocking you still have to get the timing right. If you get the timing wrong your opponent going to see it and hit you on the other side. Always keep your balance as it is easier to block punches coming in.

    If you are blocking, don’t just keep on blocking, fight back and go on the attack. You must of heard the saying the best defense is a good offense. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to boxing. There is nothing wrong with defending but you do need to attack as well.

    Look for an opening on your opponent as well. When he or she is attacking block the punch and look for the counter punch.


    Counter-Punching is important in boxing. Sometimes it might feel like all you are doing is counter-punching. Basically put counter-punching is just punching your opponent straight after your opponent launches an attack.

    So as soon as your opponent launches a punch, you see the opening an punch them back. It is about defending and attacking at the same time so your defensive and offensive skills need to be on point.

    To counter for a beginner it is easier to block the on coming punch first and then counter straightaway after.

    For jabs they can be countered simultaneously by throwing a punch at it or blocking and then countering.

    When your skills improve and you get better, naturally your reflexes and reactions will also get better. Then you will be able to counter other punches with ease however you should first start to perfect counter-punching by practicing it. Try watching and studying boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr and Roy Jones Jr, they are some of the throw some of the best counter punches in boxing. They also have some of the best boxing defense in game.

    How to counter Jabs:

    • It’s simple to counter a jab, just throw your own jab and then throw another punch

    • You can block first and then counter punch your opponent.

    How to counter cross or uppercut

    • You can counter it by throwing a jab.

    • Throw a left hook before your opponent throws a right or left punch

    • Block the punch first and then throw a punch your self to counter.

    • The same goes with either left or right side.

    Some things to look out for when counter-punching are things like making a note in your head of when your opponent is going to punch. When you are fighting someone for the first time it is hard to find out if what they will do next.

    However you can find out from their movements. You should look for patterns your opponent does and look for little hints that he might give away like a shoulder roll, their eyes, movement of hands, etc. The idea is to look for these things quick so you can anticipate what kind of punch your opponent is going to throw.

    Don’t go back, and back down. It is best to go forward when counter-punching. At the end of the day though it is all about practice and putting the time in to train and improve yourself.

    You might go against one of those boxers wildly swing away and are proper angry and aggressive who are just trying to take your head off. When you fight an opponent like this, it is best to keep a cool head and counter them.

    When they start their flurry of punches, cover up and block their punches and then counter punch them a combination of punches.

    Work on your boxing defense and train and get better. The only way you are going to get a better boxing defense is by training everyday.