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It is a proud and very exciting moment for us. We are delighted to announce the Fortis Elite boxing gloves are now available to purchase from Amazon.

Our boxing gloves are made from the finest materials hand crafted and meticulously designed using 100% genuine leather. The gloves have double stitched seams for added durability and endurance.

Elite Boxing Gloves

More often when training boxers suffer from a knuckle or wrist injury due to poor quality of boxing gloves. Not with the Fortis Elite boxing gloves. Inside the boxing gloves they have a four layer mold protection composed from EVA foam giving your knuckles the protection that they deserve. The straps protect your wrists and help you avoid injury.

You have to look good when fighting and the boxing gloves do not disappoint. They are aesthetically pleasing and have a stunning minimalist design. The boxing gloves have our trademark Fortis lion on the front of the gloves as well as the Fortis logo on the straps of the gloves.

They have a fast and easy Velcro strap which allows you to quickly take them off and put them on with ease. The boxing gloves are available in two colour, black with red logo or white with black logo. Take your pick.

Not only are our beautiful and sexy but they are comfortable to wear as well.

When you purchase a pair of Fortis Elite boxing gloves, you also get a PDF book along with your gloves. The book is jam packed full of useful tips and advice and teaches you all about boxing including the correct stance and posture, how to punch properly, the basic punches, how to defend and much more.

Right now there is a special introductory sales price on, hurry up and get your pair of gloves before the price goes up!