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Amir Khan is a two weight world champion boxer and silver Olympic medalist representing Great Britain and was one of the youngest British boxers to do this at only 17 years of age.

Some notable opponents that he’s defeated over the years include Marcos Maidana, Marco Barrera and Zab Judah.

There’s no doubt that Amir Khan trains very hard.

This is Amir Khan’s training routine. You’ll be able to learn quite a bit from this and you can incorporate some of the exercises into your own training routine.

Amir Khan’s Training Routine

Depending on whether he has a fight close or not, Amir Khan will typically wake up at around 6.30am to 7.30am and start either running or swimming.  This can either be 5 or 6 miles. Running does wonders for the body and it’s no secret to why so many boxers incorporate it into their routines.

Running can improve stamina, endurance, leg strength and speed. He will then follow it up with sprints, sprinting as fast as he can. He will run 70 meter sprints doing them as fast as he can. This not only builds his explosive power, but helps with those quick bursts of speed.

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Once he gets to the gym later on in the day, he starts his boxing training. This will include doing shadow boxing for about 20 minutes. Not only does shadow boxing warm up the body but it also perfects the technique and helps footwork.



He’ll then work on the speedball and do a few rounds on them. After that he’ll mix it up a bit and get some skipping in. Skipping is a crucial exercise and very important. Not only does this work stamina but also many other things. Amir will probably do skipping for around 15 minutes.

Khan will then do some pad work with his coach. He’ll practice his technique and his footwork and different combinations. Amir will do this for up to an hour.

He’ll follow this up with maybe some sparring or heavy bag work or even the floor to ceiling ball. He likes training old school style and doesn’t usually train with any weights. He will also do bodyweight training like pushups and situps.

Diet Plan

Khan’s diet is full of proteins, carbohydrates and some fats. He maintains a healthy diet and eats foods that benefit him. This is his example diet and something that he would eat in a normal day:

6.30am – Wake up and have a protein shake and after his run he’ll have porridge with either strawberries or raspberries.

11am – He stays away from fried food will eat scrambled eggs with toast and beans.

During the day he will fuel up with energy drinks and protein shakes to keep his energy levels up and to get some nutrients.

6pm – Depending on what he feels like he will starts with soup and then eat either salman, steak or chicken with lots of potatoes and vegetables.

Khan has to maintain a weight so he watches what he eats. He has a personal chef that will come and cook healthy meals for him.

Not everyone has the privilege of having their own personal chef but there is a lot you can learn from his diet plan and implement it into your own life.
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