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Some people think boxing is a barbaric and brutal sport. But boxing is so much than that. Boxing is a beautiful sport. Boxing is an art. Boxing is strategic and tactical.

If you’re a parent looking to get your son/daughter into boxing or wanted to get into boxing yourself but thought there were no benefits to boxing, you were wrong.

Get Started in Boxing

These are so many reasons to get started in boxing, so many that you could write a book about it but here are 7 reasons you need to get into boxing.

Self Improvement

Taking up boxing puts makes you a better person and helps you reach your full potential. Every one should fulfill their potential and make use of the natural talent they have and try to improve it to the point where they are the best they can be otherwise they are just wasting what they have been gifted.

As you keep boxing and as you progress through the weeks and months of training you will naturally get better and become a better boxer. And as you become a better boxer you will naturally have a sense of accomplishment and achievement. When you become a better boxer, you will want to become a better person.

Many professional boxers have used boxing to turn around their lives. Bernard Hopkins started his life as a criminal. Mugging people and doing petty crimes, at the age of 17 he got an 18 year prison sentence for various crimes he committed.

During his time in prison he discovered it wasn’t the place he wanted to be in. He also discovered his passion for boxing and got more disciplined. After serving 5 years of his prison sentence he was released and put his full focus to boxing. And the rest is history.

Another person follows a similar story. He was bought up in Brooklyn, New York which was a rough neighborhood. He was involved in petty crimes as well including muggings, thefts, etc. At 13 years old he was sent to youth prison. It was there he found his first proper trainer.

Muhammad Ali had visited the prison and wanted to inspire the kids to turn their lives around. It proved to be very influential for the young man.

You’ve probably already guessed it, the young man was none other than Mike Tyson, one of the greatest heavyweight boxers. Mike Tyson credits boxing for changing his life and he admits that if it wasn’t for boxing, he would either be dead or in prison.


Boxing builds discipline like crazy. You need discipline to be successful. There isn’t a successful person who never had discipline. Mike Tyson, once said about discipline, “My definition of discipline is doing what you hate to do, but do it like you love it.”

The discipline you develop in boxing can be applied and transitioned to anything in life including personal life, work, business or anything else. Having discipline is one of the greatest life skills you can develop.

Not only does boxing implement discipline into you – which is key to becoming successful in anything. It also gives you a sense of direction in life.

There is so much more to boxing than just the physical aspect. Yes, the training can be hard and grueling but there are also the mental aspects of boxing which is so important. The discipline you instill into yourself when boxing is a life long skill and you can take that discipline and become successful in anything in life.


Without focus you can’t achieve anything. And it’s only when you focus when you can achieve greatness. Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor said about focus “When I started getting that focus and realizing, I’m going to make this happen.”

To become focused on something it is important to remember the end goal and remember ‘why’ you are doing what are you doing. It doesn’t have to be to become the next heavyweight champion or become a UFC champion. Not everyone has wants to become the next boxing champion.

But the goal can be to lose 30KG weight or to be gain 10KG in muscle. When you have that end goal in mind it is a lot easier to stay focused on the prize.

You can train a lot harder and know that every training session will get you closer to your goal.

Self Defense

Many professionals took up boxing so they could either defend themselves or improve their confidence. There were a multitude of boxers who were bullied as children including Joe Calzaghe, Wladimir Klitschko and Jake Lamotta. And they are not the only ones who used to get bullied as children.

There are many UFC stars who openly talked about getting bullied in school as children as well. Some of the MMA fighters who got bullied include Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Daniel Corimer.

All the above mentioned have gone on to do great things with their lives and have accomplished so much. They didn’t let something as trivial as getting bullied stop them. Instead they decided to do something about it. They took up boxing or another martial art and decided to stand up for themselves.

Once you show the bullies that you’re not going to take their crap and you can stand up for yourself, they will leave you alone; either because they get scared of you or respect you.


There’s no doubt about this. Boxing actually makes you more athletic and is actually the sport that requires the most athleticism according to research by ESPN. Just look at boxers like Roy Jones Jr and Prince Nassem Hamed, they are very athletic and can more quick.

Now that doesn’t mean that being athletic is a requirement to start boxing. But it can help.

Helps with stress and anxiety

Boxing is a high energy and high intensity workout and can help you buy klonopin europe medication overcome anxiety and stress. When boxing it releases tension in your body and releases a chemical called phenylethylamine  which helps improve your mood.

As well as that it provides a rush of endorphins which naturally boost your mood. Boxing also serves as a distraction because when you’re training you’re just focused on training and not anything else. You’re focuses on smashing the bag or pads as hard as you can. And for that little while you are training you forget everything else, all the stress goes away.

In fact Prince Harry actually got into boxing after his mother passed away. He was going through depression and was on the verge of a breakdown and he found boxing actually helped him with his depression and helped him vent out frustration and anger.

Self Esteem

When your self esteem is low you don’t really think much about your self. Mike Tyson actually suffered from low self esteem when he was young, believe it or not. But when he got into boxing all that self esteem issues he had slowly went away. Plus it helped that his then coach Cus D’Amato would work on improving his self esteem by making him do affirmations, visualization and hypnosis.

Tyson isn’t the only one, there are countless amount of boxers who suffered from low self esteem. But boxing takes all those issues away. As your skills improve, you start to become more confident in yourself and your own abilities.

Boxing improves your self esteem because after a while of doing boxing you know you’ll have the ability to defend yourself if something was to happen.

There are so many reasons to get started in boxing. It’s a pretty inexpensive sport to start. All you need is some boxing gloves and a heavy bag and you can start. You can even check out our helpful articles on our blog for advice and tips.

We do recommend joining a boxing club or going to boxing classes if you are serious about boxing.

We hope these reasons inspired you to take up boxing. It really is a beautiful sport and can teach you so much.