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To be a great boxer you can’t just rely on one aspect of your boxing anymore. You need to be a more well rounded boxer. To be well rounded you need strength and power. We’re going to show you how you can develop your strength for boxing.

We’ve complied a list of the 5 exercises you need to get stronger and develop more strength for boxing. Implement these exercises into your routine and you’ll be a heavy weight in no time!


The daddy of exercises. This is a compound exercise that works not only the legs but the back and shoulders as well. It is one of the best bodybuilding exercises to build up the legs. Legs are massively important for boxing as you need to stay nimble and be quick on your feet.

Plus your legs are were most of the power comes from. It’s like a flower with weak roots won’t grow as big or be as strong. But if the roots are powerful and strong, than the flower will be big and beautiful. Its the same with your body, you have to make sure your roots are strong.



If this is the first time you are going to do squats then start with a light weight or even just the barbell. As you get stronger keeping adding weight and progressing, you’ll have big strong legs like Mike Tyson in no time.


A killer exercise top do but one that is definitely worth it. The basic premise of the deadlift is just load the barbell with as much weight as you can handle and then lift the weight by standing up straight but while lifting make sure your back is straight and your knees are slightly bent.

Make sure you do this exercise with correct form otherwise you can get injured. The back is your main muscle in your body so you want to make sure you do it properly as you definitely don’t want to injure your back.



With deadlifts if you starting off it is wise to start light and then slowly work your way up as you get stronger.

The deadlift works so many muscles and doing this one exercise would make you so much stronger. Various muscles are worked while doing the deadlift including the back, shoulders, legs and arms. Doing deadlifts are a great compound exercise.

This exercise helps build up strength and if we were to recommend just one exercise to do out of this list, do the deadlift.

Bench Press

The bench press is another great exercise for developing the chest muscles as well as the triceps, shoulders and traps. It is another compound exercise and works multiple muscles. A great exercise for the upper body.



Its actually simple to do the bench press, just lie down on the bench, and hold the barbell above you and bring it down slowly. Bring it down so the barbell touches your chest and then take it all the way back up to the starting position.

Like the deadlift and squat don’t act like a strong man and load up with too much weight and try lifting it. If you do that you’re gonna do yourself more bad than good.

Overhead Press

A great exercise for developing muscle in the shoulders and back. This exercise develops explosive power and gives you the functional strength. It develops your chest and lower back while also working the abs and arms. All this strength can also give you additional strength for your boxing.



Like with the other exercises in this list start light and then work your way up in weight. When starting off it may be hard on your lower back, but its just about using the correct movement and keeping your lower back strong and tensing your back muscles and legs.

To do the overhead press lift the weight over your head while your lower back, abs and legs keep you balanced. Grip the barbell with a narrow grip so you don’t end up flaring your elbows, this will help you avoid injuries.

Pull Ups

Pull ups are an amazing exercise. Pull ups are also a compound exercise and works various different muscles in your upper body. Pull ups look easy to do. You just grab the bar and pull yourself up. Sounds simple right? They are once you get the hang of them.



If you think they are easy try adding weights and then doing pull ups. If you can do them with ease do muscle ups. Muscle ups are basically a pull up followed by a dip. So you pull yourself up and then go and pull yourself even further until your at the top.

Doing these exercises will not only make you bigger and stronger but it will give you functional strength, that you will be able to use in boxing and life. You will feel stronger, more nimble and more powerful.

These may be bodybuilding/weightlifting exercises however when you see the results and the improvements it makes in your boxing you will thank us.

If you want more advice on how to get stronger and you want a routine then check out Stronglifts. He has a blog full of information and also has a free to download app from the app store. The information he has on his blog is priceless.

Add these exercises into your workout routine and mix them with your boxing training. We’re sure these exercises will make you stronger and will benefit your boxing as well.

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